Yandex, Russia’s NASDAQ-listed tech giant, announces its self-driving cars have driven 1,000,000 autonomous miles.

This important milestone firmly establishes Yandex as Europe’s largest driverless car developer, ranking the company in the top five autonomous vehicle companies globally, which have completed this distance. This group also includes Waymo, Cruise Automation, Baidu and Uber.

  • The majority of these 1,000,000 miles were driven on public roads of Moscow and Tel Aviv, two of the world’s most congested cities under widely unpredictable conditions. Yandex autonomous vehicles clocked the miles under Moscow’s snowy and rainy conditions, as well as by maneuvering around Tel-Aviv’s haphazardly-parked cars in the city’s intense heat.
  • Some of these miles were driven in the United States at CES in Las Vegas in January, where Yandex’s robocar became the first autonomous vehicle company to drive around journalists without a driver in the driver’s seat.
  • The total mileage also includes thousands of passenger rides with no one behind the wheel. Yandex is a global pioneer of a robo-taxi service, operating daily without a driver since August, 2018, on the roads of Innopolis, a town in Russia’s Tatarstan region.

Author: Yash Hirani

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