ARYZE partners with AmaZix to move stablecoins into mainstream market

ARYZE, the best Danish Fintech Startup of 2018, has announced its partnership with AmaZix, the community engagement platform. The collaboration will help improve and maintain ARYZE’s community channels, as it continues to make ground-breaking progress in the digital currencies market.

As a well-recognized startup in the fintech sector, ARYZE issues fully redeemable stablecoins backed by and pegged to traditional assets. Its aim is to bridge the distance between conventional fiat money and digital cryptocurrencies, using and proving the reliability of stablecoins. These hybrid compositions help reduce the cryptocurrency sector’s volatility by ensuring that they are supported by a steady currency.

Its move to partner with the global community management company, AmaZix, will help increase communities’ confidence in the crypto stablecoin market and reduce the unpredictability that usually surrounds crypto investments. Through the relationship, both companies are hoping to bring stablecoins – the new generation of crypto – into the mainstream.

Jack Nikogosian, CEO at ARYZE, said: “For users, we create a unique, modular and customizable paying experience that reduces transaction costs to next to zero worldwide. For businesses, we create large saving opportunities by utilizing this new technology on a digital platform, with a variety of analytical tools. This is all made possible by our programmable, stable currencies. We aim to be honest and transparable in everything we do and our major goal is to help the United Nations with their Sustainable Development Goal number 10 of reducing the transaction cost on remittance payments. ”

Kenneth Berthelsen, CMO at AmaZix, said: “To achieve this future, crypto must be an easily usable product for typical people and businesses, allowing users to seamlessly interact between the old and new worlds of finance. We believe this is precisely what ARYZE will work towards.”

Together, the companies hope to bridge the gap between the old and the new in crypto, and bring clarity to the emerging concept of stablecoins.

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