Analytics Leaders Summit

September 12, 2019 – September 13, 2019 all-day
Manila, Philippines

EnigmaCG started Analytics Leaders’ Summit (ALS as it is now known as) in the summer of 2017 because the industry lacked a platform where individuals within predictive analytics could connect, share case studies/ideas. This platform also gives a space for services and products to be showcased to those who need it the most. The need for this is space has now become a must at a much faster pace and across the whole area of analytics.

Analytics Leader’s Summit provides that platform – where case studies can be heard, products can be spoken about and panel discussions can debate, exchange ideas leaving delegates and keynote speakers to walk away with an insight of what is happening in Asia.

The high-impact networking sessions that are offered at all our events are unmissable. All our attendees have an analytical background allowing our speakers to be technical and be in their comfort zones, they are from all industry sectors and are from all levels.

Author: Yash Hirani

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