World’s First AI Cyber Security System Released

Chemring Technology Solutions today launches ForensicAI, an advanced system of artificial intelligence that automates volume data pattern analysis for network security. ForensicAI is the world’s first system that can link apparently benign network activity across months to identify hidden malware, delivering extremely high detection and low false alarm rates.

Developed from military grade cyber security software, ForensicAI automates malicious activity pattern identification. This allows security analysts to redirect their time more effectively to investigate and stop in-progress malicious activity.

ForensicAI is available as part of the latest upgrade of Perception, the world’s first Bio-inspired network security system. Working at very high data rates at the core of the network, ForensicAI constantly reviews the mass of data from Perception’s behavioural analysis. This identifies patterns and common themes that indicate potential live threats and network vulnerabilities. When anything of interest is found, a detailed alert reports to the analyst what has happened and why it should be investigated.

Daniel Driver, Head of Perception Cyber Security, Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “ForensicAI is capable of intelligently linking something that happened months ago, followed by other behaviours a few weeks later, with something else in the last few minutes. As soon as the last piece in that puzzle falls into place, an alert is generated, delivering incredibly high detection rates that other systems would miss as they focus on current activity or cannot effectively process large data volumes gathered over time.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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