Wolters Kluwer’s Corsearch creates SaaS product for auditing domain ownership

With now more than 325 million registered online domain names, not to mention a growing threat of cyber thieves and squatters, it’s fair to say that protecting online identifies has never been so important for the financial world, or any business for that matter.

To help address this Wolters Kluwer’s Corsearch, a market leader in global trademark and brand protection solutions, has launched a state of the art domain investigation tool that identifies and audits domain ownership globally. The company says that its Domain Vigilance self-service solution gives users the ability to conduct a quick WHOIS ownership lookup for a single domain and then, using the ownership record, uncover alternate domains owned by the same individual.

In the past few years alone The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has approved 1167 new domain extensions, such as .finance and other commonly used extensions such as xyz, .law, and .online. As a result the financial world and other businesses have seen their exposure to cybersquatting explode. This newly launched domain investigation tool provides a solution to both manage global domain portfolios and expose domain squatters.

Domain Vigilance responds to a growing market demand for increasingly robust and detailed monitoring and risk management with diverse applications. It screens for existing domains that conflict with new trademark procurement and monitors corporate domain portfolios or partner domains for brand and regulatory compliance. It also identifies and reviews domains related to mergers and acquisitions and reveals unknown trademark and copyright infringement.

“Trademark professionals are increasingly expanding the scope of their online clearance efforts so developing a comprehensive online domain investigation tool fits with our strategy to cultivate our digital brand solutions suite and address customers’ growing challenges,” said Tobias Hartmann, General Manager of Corsearch. “We are indeed on the right track to providing a ground-breaking solution to assist trademark professionals in both managing and mitigating risks to their online trademark clearance and subsequent brand protection efforts.”

Using proprietary and patented technology, the Corsearch Domain Vigilance system can identify domains that are an identical or confusingly similar match to a prospective trademark, domain name, or brand name for any Top Level Domain (TLD) globally and then present real-time domain ownership details and a current website screenshot. Additionally, the tool can quickly audit corporate domain portfolios to verify the WHOIS record reflects accurate ownership information and that domains resolve correctly.

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