Wirex: Crypto & Fiat Multi-Currency Accounts With Visa Card

Wirex is a company that began as E-coin, providing online cards. Its activities later expanded to several regions, they now even have Wirex card services and a system which enables people to manage their crypto and even the traditional funds’ assets.


Wirex news always reveals that they provide personal banking which is a hybrid between cryptos and conventional banking. Entity owners says that they were the first ones ever to bring together the acceptance of fiat currency with blockchain speed and pliability. There exists safe BTC and LTC wallets with mobile and online systems support. Read our wirex card review up to the end to learn more

More details regarding Wirex card

Wirex card has been able to integrate systems for worldwide transactions and peer to peer transactions. That then offers a service which people may utilize through some few steps. This entity additionally maintains privacy, safety including good customer experience. They always ensure to offer good services and products which meet the customers’ needs.

Through wirex, people are capable of connecting their debit and credit cards. This system lets people to keep cryptos like BTC. People may even buy bitcoins wirex token and several altcoins with good rates of exchange and good limits. Users can even exchange cryptos with fiat currency. 

Another wonderful wirex characteristic is that it can support the transferring of digital currency between people anywhere in the globe without paying. People may even send money to people with lesser charges than those of conventional services.

Wirex cards

Wirex visa transaction card

This visa card is contactless and it is used to do transactions at the wirex system. Through this visa card, users can spend their crypto just like they would do in fiat currency, in stores, hotels and even public transportation.

Wirex company advertises wirex visa transaction card as its only visa in the globe which permits users to change crypto into conventional funds and utilize it.

  • Users can link their cards to Ethereum, Litecoin, WAVES, Ripple or Bitcoin wallets and use them any time.
  • People may convert Ripple, WAVES, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin to GBP, USD and EURO at live rates.
  • Cryptoback awards the people 0.5 percent in Bitcoin after they punch their pin, swipe or use contactless with their wirex card in-store.

Immediate changes: Converting crypto to fiat

Wirex card permits immediate conversion of cryptos enabling users to use them immediately just like in fiat. This functions for cryptocurrencies like Ripple and others.

Wirex debit card operates everywhere, whether it is hotels, ATMs, stores or anywhere else, you can use it. Users may decide to receive a card with USD, EURO or even GBP as the base currency. You can even opt for of these 3 currencies. 

Using a wirex visa card again, users may enjoy exchange rates which are higher compared those provided in banks, you will never have any additional/hidden costs. The system gives help in budget management and monitoring usage and alerts.

What cryptoback offers users

Some wirex card limits additionally offer a chance to earn amazing Cryptoback rewards. The rewards come automatically after a user spends in a store. The program rewards users 0.5% back in BTC if they use the card in transport, hotels, shops, in playing mobile slots and bars. The wirex bitcoin gotten in this manner is redeemed immediately and can be spent and converted instantly.

Wirex crypto wallets 

Wirex allows people to select from 1 of 6 available wallets. Their wallets are safe and their characteristics include cold storage for conventional currency, crypto and multi-sig functionality. 

The wallets allow people to purchase, store and control both crypto and fiat. The cryptos which are allowed are WAVES, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin. They allow coins like Dollar, EURO and GBP. Users can even exchange between fiat and cryptos within a short time.

To put funds to your wallet, use methods like bank transfer and credit/debit card. That lets people to convert and utilize cryptocurrency offline and online.


For now, wirex virtual card services are not available for people who reside in America but this entity is always expanding so it may probably be available in most places in the globe soon. This entity appears to be a wonderful offer since it bridges the gap between fiat and crypto enabling people to use cryptocurrency in hotels and stores. Write to us if you wish to comment about this topic or are having some questions to ask. 

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Thomas Glare is used wirex company services and has seen all its benefits. He is confident that it is an amazing company since it has managed to come up with something which bridges the space between fiat and crypto permitting users to use cryptocurrency whenever they need to.

Author: Yash Hirani

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