Validate API new release – Validate User Interface Builder 5.0

Apply Financial has produced a new range of user interface build calls for our Validate API that allows our clients to understand the data they need to collect from their customers to ensure the straight-through processing (STP) of payments.  

Validate User Interface Builder 5.0 gives clear information to our clients to enable them to simply and dynamically manage their user interface and present their users with only the required fields, with minimal or no coding needed. 5.0 includes documentation and examples for users who are unfamiliar with the payment information they need to submit. This gives users confidence that the information they are submitting is complete and will not result in a payment being stopped or, even worse, failing.

The new user interface builder, when used in conjunction with the existing validation calls in Validate API, will enable our clients to collect information and accurately validate it to confirm that it’s in the right format and that the details entered meet all requirements to complete the payment to the beneficiary.

Key features of Validate User Interface Builder 5.0: 

  • Details of the bank code and account formats to use to ensure that your customer knows the required format that users must enter for a payment 
  • Documentation and examples to support customers and let them easily see what bank code and account formats should look like
  • The ability to configure and add additional data fields to meet your companies’ risk and compliance requirements
  • Information about country requirements for 11 different data types, including:
  • Payment purpose codes
  • Addresses
  • Tax codes
  • Telephone numbers
  • Country and currency names
  • Holiday information

About Apply Financial

Apply Financial is a team of global payments solutions experts that help over 700 companies to reduce their operational costs. Our international clients now use our suite of Validate tools for both single and bulk payment file validation, enabling them to make significant savings in payment processing and enhancing the user experience.

What Apply Financial does:

  • Gathers and maintains a global database of bank data that includes over 66 million records
  • Provides payment validation services for over 170 countries and 225 financial jurisdictions around the world
  • Offers an always-on, always-available, configurable API and user interface to support businesses in delivering a seamless, error-free and compliant payments experience

To learn more about Apply Financial’s payments solutions and Validate products, get in touch with the team.

Author: Yash Hirani

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