Turning the Tables on Traditional Asset Management through Crypto

Digital asset management of blockchains is a growing industry that is raising millions of dollars. As far as investments go, it’s the next big thing. This bridge between cryptocurrency and the investment industry is most popular among millennials, who are most concerned about investment efficacy and accountability.

A Quick Review of the Basics

Traditional asset management through cryptocurrency utilizes a different approach to profit from investments. It utilizes the best of both worlds by including advantages like decentralization, transparency, tradability and cost efficiency. Investments are easily scaleable and liquidatable.

To join in on these investments, investors will need to purchase certain tokens from cryptocurrency investment companies. These tokens represent a type of currency with the company. The company takes the investments to buy stocks and other types of popular cryptocurrencies. This causes the value of the token to increase in value within the company. Other companies may simply pay out dividends in tokens.

Investors can sell the tokens back to the company to liquidate their investments. The process is simple and easy. Each asset management company will set their own guidelines and terms and conditions.

Benefits of Blockchains Transferrable to Digital Asset Management

Blockchains and cryptocurrency come with many security benefits that easily transferrable to digital asset management. Some of these benefits include:

● Constant support from teams of analysts
● Difficulty and even impossibility of having counterfeits
● Ease and transparency of auditing
● Ease of transfer on a global scale
● Enhanced flexibility
● Immutability, which equates to maximum security
● Little to no overhead for processing transactions
● Stable analytics for better insight and projections
● Unified infrastructure even when using multiple blockchains and tokens

These security benefits make digital asset management easy to deal with. Pair these security benefits with the tremendous growth witnessed, and the digital asset management of blockchains is easily one of the better investment options available at the moment. Fees Involved with This Investment Option

This type of asset management also comes with certain fees; however, these fees are significantly lower than the fees involved with traditional investment options. The most common fees associated with digital asset management include:

● Maintenance Fees
● Structuring Fees
● Transaction Fees

Some asset management companies are willing to waive or even reduce certain fees for investors in order to encourage them to get their feet wet. These fees are paid out to public auditors, GR advisors, legal advisors, investment analysts, platform promoters and other people who are working diligently behind the scenes.

All asset management companies are transparent regarding the roles of their employees. This information is publicly available to give investors better insight into the company.

Now Is Better than Never

Digital asset management through cryptocurrency is one of the newest investment options available. Thanks to all of the benefits that it provides, it is quickly becoming one of the more popular investment options available, and is garnering a lot of public attention and praise from investors and investment analysts. Those who are interested in this new and advanced investment opportunity should head on over to TwoGap to get more information.

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Luong is a serial entrepreneur and Dreamer. Previously, Luong had founded and advised various companies in Singapore & the US in blockchain, e-commerce, and sharing economy startups. He’s also a Twogap tech lead and developer. He’s working days and nights to change the Asset management game with blockchain technology. He has strong beliefs that the future is Value Management. Everything changes to become Value Markets that are unrelated to Capital Markets, a redefinition based on Trust and not someone else’s version of it.

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