Turing Technology Completes Second Round of Funding

Turing Technology, leading developer of financial and market analysis software for traders and financial institutions, has completed a second round of funding with investment backing from FPF Capital, a venture capital fund.

“Turing Technology is a unique proposition for investors because its fintech solutions combine the best of business, technology and scientific excellence. Turing’s team brings artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, linguistics and big data analysis expertise to provide real-world trading solutions across all markets including cryptocurrencies, commodities and forex,” says Filip Korbel, Turing Technology CEO.

Earlier this year, Turing Technology developed CryptoMood, the world’s most powerful AI market data analysis tool for cryptocurrency traders.

CryptoMood provides cryptocurrency market data and sentiment analysis by monitoring social media and over 50,000 news sources, and by tracking digital currency whale wallet movements in real time. CryptoMood is set to become commercially available during q3 of 2019, both as a mobile application for retail traders and as a business interface for cryptocurrency exchanges and brokerages.

The new investment will enable Turing Technology to develop new projects and trading tools, including:

Algo Studio – a platform that creates, tests and manages automatic trading algorithms for commodity and foreign exchange markets.

MT Pro – software that provides advanced statistics functionality to help traders create mathematically sound trading strategies.

As well as developing new solutions, Turing Technology is also expanding its global presence. It recently opened a new office in Prague and has a new Dublin office planned for q4 of 2019. The address of the new Prague office is:

Turing Technology s.r.o.
Hadovka Business Center 33a
Prague 6

Korbel adds: “All trading, whether cryptocurrencies, commodities or forex is a never-ending information arms race. Turing Technology is expanding fast because it develops technology that provides accurate and near instant trading information by interpreting big data so traders can make superior trading decisions.”

Founded in 2015, Turing Technology is a Czech-based fintech developer. It provides data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning expertise to create software solutions for financial institutions, brokerages and funds. www.turing-technology.com

CryptoMood is a leading cryptocurrency data provider that uses machine learning and natural language processing to report on market fundamentals and sentiment. www.cryptomood.com

Author: Yash Hirani

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