Trustology integrates its custodial wallet, TrustVault, with MetaMask to enable institutional-grade secure access to decentralised applications (DApps)

Trustology, a UK based fintech company, focussed on accelerating the crypto economy, today announced the integration of its crypto custodial wallet, TrustVault, with MetaMask, a web-browser plugin for Ethereum that enables users to run decentralised applications through a browser without having to run a full Ethereum node.

The merging of these two innovations will provide customers with a more secure wallet alternative to be able to develop their own assets, financial products or applications.

By syncing the TrustVault custodial wallet with MetaMask, DApp users will now have the option to use their TrustVault wallet private keys in lieu of MetaMask’s local key store to support the signing and verifying of any Ethereum decentralised finance transaction across different websites , without compromising their security or access. This is a significant enhancement to the functions of TrustVault, which is Trustology’s first core product to market.

TrustVault’s transaction control, verification and signing procedures are managed entirely within the company’s cluster of hardware security modules (HSMs) and secure data centres which ensures a tamper proof system in place and eliminates the security risks and transaction delays associated with human operators. This is attributable to TrustVault’s security engineering, which combines a flexible mobile or API user interface with the most secure hardware and software designed to safeguard private keys at scale and protect crypto assets.

Private keys are managed and stored within this cluster with built-in sophisticated access controls and highly available multiple encrypted backups. This not only ensures institutional-grade level security for all its users but also secure account recovery at all times.

Commenting on the integration, Alex Batlin, CEO of Trustology said: “Our goal is to bring crypto assets into the mainstream and to provide new wealth creation opportunities for everyone. Achieving this ambition requires a platform that not only stores and manages crypto assets in a fast and convenient way, but also safely and with flexibility to meet the demands of each user. MetaMask provides a pathway to achieve this goal. Our TrustVault accounts support all major crypto assets, from Bitcoin and Ether to ERC-20 tokens, and we can now support the signing of any Ethereum decentralised finance transaction, thanks to this integration with MetaMask”.

Author: Yash Hirani

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