TradeSocio Brings Out the ‘Alpha’

TradeSocio, a Fintech company founded in 2015, has announced the launch of Alpha, an alternative investment platform aimed at Forex Brokers, as well as other Financial Institutions.

TradeSocio’s platform Alpha ensures that investors, Brokers and Fund Managers will all benefit from the experience of co-existing within a single balanced ecosystem.

Up until now, it has proven difficult to house key financial players in a single ecosystem and ensure interests are aligned. TradeSocio’s web-based Alpha Platform empowers ordinary investors to adopt either a do-it-yourself approach, cherry-picking from a range of investment baskets or a hands-off approach, and elect a fund manager to manage their investments or a master trader to manage their trades.

Brokers currently only have access to a small segment of their potential clients which includes an already exhausted pool of forex traders. So far, they have been unable to provide their services to a broader investor pool due to limitations in the technology available which can match the needs of the average investor. Millennials are the new generation of investors coming of age and are set to challenge the way the finance world carries out business. Understanding this shift in the demographics surrounding your average investor and adapting your marketing strategy in parallel is imperative to remain at the forefront of your competitors.

TradeSocio’s Alpha also furnishes Brokers with a full Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) process. Brokerage operations are consolidated as all departments are able to operate on one back-end solution, enabling them to better manage existing clients, and leverage proprietary tools such as marketing automation to target new investors.

On the other hand, Fund Managers are also attracted to Alpha as they can potentially tap into a new source of Assets Under Management (AUM) but are spared the operational resource drag that usually accompanies on-boarding this class of investor.

“Alpha, TradeSocio’s new disruptive Fintech technology not only levels the playing field for investors, it also opens up a new market for Brokers and Fund Managers”, said Rohan Hall, TradeSocio’s CEO.  “The platform allows the average investor to have the same quality of investment opportunities as the wealthy. Millennials can now invest on their terms. The future is here and TradeSocio will provide the tools for this new generation of investors.”

To learn more about TradeSocio’s Alpha Platform or to book a demo, contact Simon Bolvig Mark, Sales Manager, at +357 99589597 or email, or visit

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