The First Pan-Regional Marketplace Lender of Latin America Launched in Mexico

Afluenta announces the start of its operations in Mexico. The company goal is to extend to Mexicans better to invest and apply for credit in a safe and simple way, without the difficulties of having a bank as intermediary.

In recent years, the digital age has allowed entrepreneurs from all around the world to materialize their ideas through new businesses and applications that provide a timely solution to various needs of users. The financial industry includes the so-called Fintech that facilitate clients’ daily processes across platforms designed with cutting-edge technology.

Under this scheme, Afluenta emerges, the first collaborative financial network that adapts the “Peer-to- peer Lending” model in Latin America, by integrating into a single platform people who are interested in obtaining loans and those who want to invest their money at more convenient rates.

To apply for credit, users had to accept high rates and carry out complex procedures in banks, or borrow from family and friends. This is no longer necessary because Afluenta gathers on its platform applicants and investors, maintains their confidentiality and takes charge of the whole process of investment and lending in a safe and easy way at the most appropriate rates. To this we refer when we say that we are making credit more human,” said Alejandro Cosentino, Founder and CEO of Afluenta.

As an online exchange platform, Afluenta has granted in Argentina more than 140 million Argentine pesos in loans. It began operating in this country in 2012 and later extended its service to Peru in 2015. Mexico has also been identified as a potential market and thanks to the expansion plan of the company in Latin America and to the investment of 8 million dollars from the International Finance Corporation IFC and Elevar Equity, the company has been able to start operations in the country in the last quarter of 2016.

To apply for credit in Afluenta is very simple; you should only visit, register on the website and make your request for investors to cover the desired amount. Applicants may ask for up to $ 60,000 MXN in 12, 18, 24, 36 and 48 fixed monthly installments. Each loan is financed by many people in the form of an online auction. Thus, applicants do not rely on a single investor and improve their credit conditions.

Those wishing to invest in Afluenta will find it a great opportunity to make their money work and get a fair compensation; they can do it from $ 5,000 MXN and invest from $ 50.00 MXN in credit applications. To reassure users, there is an option to select one by one the applications in which to invest or there is also an automatic option that is set according to the investor’s parameters.

Families will always have expenses and economic needs; this is the reason why there is an increasingly number of alternatives. Afluenta, in recent years, has relied on technology to bring together users who need some credit with those interested in investing and covering it. These platforms allow applicants and investors to come together in an environment from which everyone can benefit,” said Regina Reyes-Heroles, an expert in personal finance.

Author: Dylan Jones

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