The Adoption of the Liberum AltFi Returns Index by Ranger Direct Lending Fund plc

Ranger Direct Lending Fund plc has adopted the Liberum AltFi Returns Index (LARI) as a benchmark. This will allow the Fund to report NAV performance against a benchmark of alternative lending assets relevant to UK and European investors. In so doing the fund will provide context for its returns and offer investors a measure of accountability. Investors will now be able to compare the returns available from a portfolio of direct investment into the top European alternative lending platforms, as represented by the LARI, with the returns generated by the Ranger Direct Lending Fund.

Bill Kassul a Principal in Ranger Alternative Management II, the General Partner for the Fund, commented:

We are delighted to be able to offer our investors the context provided by a benchmark of other alternative lenders. This allows our clients to measure our investment returns, providing them a context to assist in their assessment of our performance.’

Rupert Taylor of AltFi Data explained:

The LARI offers a representation of the returns delivered by the European alternative lending sector. By benchmarking their own returns against this index Ranger could help investors form an assessment of the best solution for their own investment objectives’.

Ranger Direct Lending Fund NAV performance versus LARI:

As at 31/07/16                   RDL               LARI

3 month                               2.40%            1.32%

6 month                              4.72%             2.70%

12 month                             7.74%            5.51%

Inception to Date              7.99%            6.90%

Ranger Direct Lending Fund performance since inception against LARI


Author: Dylan Jones

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