Tandem Reveal Secret Co-founder Community Ahead Of The Bank’s Launch Later This Year

Tandem founder Ricky Knox has called for the general public to become Co-Founders in the new bank, launching later this year.
During his address at the Money 2020 conference in Copenhagen, Knox revealed the invite-only community of 2500 people have been involved in the creation and development of the bank, which received its license in December 2015.
From today and over the summer, Tandem will open up the Co-Founder community to newcomers, but they will need a referral code from a current member of the community.
Once signed up through Tandem.co.uk/CoFounders, Co-Founders become a shareholder, receiving one share. For every five people they successfully refer using their unique Co-Founder code, they will receive another share.
The Co-Founders are regularly invited to workshops at Tandem’s office, as well as get involved in tasks and discussion via a dedicated online hub.
Co-Founders will also have early bird access to Tandem and will be offered exclusive products as a sign of recognition.
Alongside all of these benefits, Co-Founders will be able to attend Life In Tandem, a series of large-scale events. They will hear industry and cultural leaders discuss various topics which matter most to Tandem and our future customers.
Ricky Knox, founder of Tandem, commented: “Co-Founders are the lifeblood of Tandem and will continue to help shape our customer offering as we head towards launch. Our brilliantly diverse Co-Founder base has helped us build up and break down the stale banking behaviours, ensuring we are consistently moving towards the creation of a good bank. After months of behind-the-scenes work, we are now at a point where we look forward to extending our Co-Founder family over the summer.”


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