StockSocial Launches Financial Platform with Social Sentiment Tools for Investors

Tech start-up integrates social media sentiment analysis with one-stop publishing platform for social media, blogs, investors and financial news outlets

StockSocial Inc. announced the BETA launch of, a comprehensive content marketing platform that combines the power of real-time market analysis and social media to help financial influencers profit from their content, expand their reach and gain new followers.

As the first financial influencer network of its kind, StockSocial™ will allow industry experts and traders to provide quantifiable and actionable insights to their followers. streams verified chatter from social platforms, filtering out artificial or manipulated information to provide an authenticated view of market sentiment and surface what financial influencers are saying.

While there are other services on the market offering social sentiment tools for stocks, we provide the most comprehensive, back-tested algorithms on the market and combine them with the most powerful content marketing platform available for financial influencers online,” said Ashly Bauserman, VP of Business Development. “The ability to aggregate real-time social media sentiment on individual stocks, indices and funds is part of a movement that will change the way investors approach financial transactions. Our platform enables financial influencers to harness the power of social media to expand and monetize their reach with valuable alerts, news, and analysis.

StockSocial™ will offer financial influencers and thought leaders a central location to post blogs, relative information and integrate content across their social networks. The new platform will also provide a full suite of analytics tools to help influencers understand how their content is performing, and generate revenue from their readership. The platform will also connect influencers with traditional partner networks that are widely respected by financial markets, providing an innovative solution for engaging the widest possible investor audiences.

We are embracing the growing trend towards alternative data sources with content marketing in a way that is perfect for everyone from individual users to enterprise level clients,” said Bauserman. “What we are offering will be fundamentally disruptive to the way that people gather and circulate news on the financial markets.”

The use of social media in investing has been growing in recent years. In 2015 Greenwich Associates reported that 80 percent of institutional investors are using social media as part of their regular workflow, with 30 percent of survey respondents reporting that social media led directly to important investment decisions. Foursquare CEO Jeff Glueck has reported that his app has accurately predicted both customer engagement and sales for client facing businesses as diverse as Apple and Chipotle—information that is invaluable for institutional investors looking to beat the market. Twitter has developed a lucrative revenue stream selling data to investment banks and hedge funds, demonstrating the degree that major financial firms are utilizing social media big data trends ever increasingly into their core operations. is the first platform to provide institutional quality data to individual investors to capitalize on this trend.

Author: Dylan Jones

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