Starling Bank to Pilot Debit Card Delivery by Drone

Launch plans take Starling Bank sky-high following drone delivery viability tests

Starling Bank announced today that investigations into the feasibility of using drones to deliver cards to customers have shown positive results.

Following tests into different models of drone as well as the weight of Starling’s new debit cards and packaging (less than 1lbs), the product team are ready to take their tests to the next level.

Plans to use the drones for the challenger bank’s official launch at the beginning of 2017 are now in discussion.

The aim of Starling’s drone delivery, known unofficially as “Project Murmuration”, is to provide the fastest, most efficient, and environmentally friendly means of providing new customers with their cards.

Deborah Keay, Chief Marketing Officer at Starling Bank, said:

“We’re exploring the use of drone delivery as an innovative and efficient way to deliver our customers their Starling card in record time from account opening.

We know there are many more discussions to be had if we want to trial deliveries commercially, with the British Government and Civil Aviation Authority. However, we have discovered that a drone is capable of carrying our Starling cards some distance and delivering them to a designated person. This is an exciting moment for Starling as we finalise launch preparations.”

The next step for Starling’s drone tests is to ensure that the plan would not negatively impact any other airspace users or jeopardise public safety.

Chief Operating Officer, Julian Sawyer, added: “Our current tests have all been short distance flights (no further than 400ft) by individuals, either indoors or within personal garden spaces. But we want to sit at the forefront of technology innovation. And that includes providing not only the best current account experience but the best customer service in everyway. From our highly trained customer support team – now available over live chat, phone, and in-app messaging – all the way through to our delivery service.” 

Starling plans to launch its customer-first mobile bank account in early 2017. The waitlist for an account is currently open.

Author: Dylan Jones

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