Source’s Biotech ETF almost Doubles in Size the day after US Presidential Election

Source saw its market-leading biotech ETF almost double in size the day after the US presidential election as investors returned to the sector.

There was USD 170 million of inflows into the Source NASDAQ Biotech UCITS ETF on Wednesday (9 November), taking assets under management to USD 370 million.

Chris Mellor, Executive Director, Equities Product Management, Source, commented: “Biotech stocks declined 22% between the start of 2016 and the US presidential election, with investors anticipating hostile legislation from another President Clinton.

Instead, a full Republican sweep sent stock prices soaring – our Source NASDAQ Biotech UCITS ETF returned 9% on November 9th. Biotech companies stand to benefit not just from looser regulation but also from the potential of a tax holiday on cash repatriation, last seen in 2004.

The virtual doubling in size of our biotech product and on-exchange spreads remaining tight at around 0.20% demonstrated that this is a high capacity, high performance product.

Active Biotech managers have systematically underperformed the benchmark. Over the last five years the top three active products trailed the NASDAQ Biotech Index by an average of 3.6% per annum. The Source NASDAQ Biotech UCITS ETF performs consistently in line with the index less an ongoing charge of 0.40%.


Author: Dylan Jones

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