SecurionPay Helps Startups Jump from the Bottom to the Top

SecurionPay releases a special website devoted to SaaS and startups.

SecurionPay’s solution is a perfect fit for both large corporations and smaller players which are in their early stage of growth. The Swiss company knows the startup scene inside out and believes that these young businesses should focus on their growth from the beginning. SecurionPay did all the heavy lifting in regards to PCI automatically taking this burden off the shoulders of startup founders. It also provides a fast onboarding process so online businesses can start processing payments quickly, without spending weeks on formalities, and focus on building great products.

SecurionPay gives startups the power to manage their cash flow better and maximize results thanks to innovative payment technology. To make it easy, SecurionPay provides a dead-simple integration via its flexible and robust set of APIs.

I’ve been analyzing the payment market for years and noticed, beyond other things, that complicated and long-lasting integrations are one of the major problems. That’s why we maintain our focus on simplicity,” says Lucas Jankowiak, CEO. “We’ve also created a solution for people without technical skills. They can add payments immediately with one-of-a-kind drag and drop implementation technology without writing a single line of code.”

It’s in the nature of startups to grow and go global. SecurionPay comes forward to meet such expectations by offering a checkout (payments in a simple pop-up) translated into 23 languages. Companies can sell their services or products in 160 currencies.

As a CEO of a startup myself, I know how important it is to focus on performance and results, especially in the early phase. Startups have particularly tight budgets so they can’t afford solutions which could hurt their conversion and have them worried about the payment system they use instead of focusing on promoting their products.”

SecurionPay provides one-time payments, but also recurring ones. That means subscription- based startups and SaaS businesses can eliminate any delays in payments and streamline money management. Yet, they can run free trials with auto-renewal to make it more convenient for their clients.

Not only startups trust SecurionPay and its technology. A wide range of corporate clients use SecurionPay to accept card transactions globally. There is also a solution for freemium SaaS or products which allow asking clients for card details on sign up and charge them for the premium features later. All that comes with the highest security level and maximum convenience for the buyers.

Lucas Jankowiak emphasizes that SecurionPay is an innovative solution for every online business. It doesn’t matter if it’s a large player or a startup, it simply helps businesses climb the success ladder and avoid unnecessary mistakes.

Author: Dylan Jones

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