Royal Bank of Scotland has left customers in the lurch at a crucial time

Royal Bank of Scotland has left customers in the lurch at a crucial time when monthly balances are due. IT outages have stopped customers from paying vital credit card bills forcing them to incur additional costs.

Staff at RBS credit card call centres were also unable to help as they had “no operational systems”.

Software veteran Lev Lesokhin at CAST, the MRI scanner for code, knows the financial services sector is burdened with legacy IT systems, most of which lend themselves to IT outages such as this. Software leaders need to ensure they have a clear understanding of the legacy technology its systems stand on. Using Software Intelligence, a deep analysis of software architecture, leaders can foresee issues and avoid future outages.

Lev Lesokhin, EVP of Strategy and Analytics at CAST, commented:

“It is unfortunate that the banking industry seems to be lumbered with so many legacy applications, this makes modernizing very tricky without disrupting the services customers rely on 24/7. The risk only intensifies when institutions upgrade or modernize without complete knowledge of their software architecture. 

As a matter of priority, any bank looking to undertake an already-risky upgrade should gain intelligence on the loopholes and problematic areas hidden in their software structure. This is the only way banks can minimize their risks and service disruption and permanently damaging their reputation.”

Author: Yash Hirani

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