RBR finds UK lags Continental Europe on Multivendor ATM Software

The banking research company RBR has, in its ATM Software 2016 report, found that the UK is trailing its continental peers when it comes to embracing ATM software supplied by companies other than the ATM’s manufacturer – otherwise known as multivendor software (MVS).

The report analysed the opinions of some of the most important ATM deployers (banks, service centers and IADs) in the world. For the research, 74 organisations in 40 countries with 486,000 ATMs (33 of which already deploy MVS and 44 that have not yet done so) were interviewed.

The findings show that:

  • The penetration rate of MVS applications in the UK was just 45% (around 25,500 machines) in 2015, far behind the rest of Western Europe where the figure is 67% and only slightly ahead of the rest of the world, where the figure is 40%.
  • This difference is expected to continue for some time. In 2020, when the deployment of MVS is set to rise to 52% worldwide, the UK will see only 60%, compared to 80% in Western Europe.

The study has noted that banks all over the world are increasing integration between ATM and other channels (mobile, online and branch), to offer services in an increasingly personalised and efficient way.

Moreover, a clear outcome emerged: the use of independent, non-manufacturer ATM software forms the basis of many innovative ATM software projects. These included alternative forms of customer interaction with the ATM, such as: authentication via NFC/QR code or biometric authorisation (where approved by local privacy laws); the use of contactless and pre-set regular transactions via mobile or internet banking channels and more personalised transactions, for example ATM interface customisation, customised note denominations for withdrawals, the possibility to choose the type of transaction receipts (paper, SMS or e-mail) or the interactive ATM locator service (via mobile app) in order not only to find the nearest ATM but also to receive additional information about the ATM (availability, functionality and so on).

In addition, deployers believe that separating hardware and software purchases can reduce ATM hardware prices and those related to the testing and development of new functionalities on ATMs provided by different vendors.

Author: Dylan Jones

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