Quantfury Adds Ability to Trade Global Markets With Qtum

Qtum, the open-source public blockchain platform, announced that its native token, QTUM, is now available as a funding option on Quantfury, a mobile trading app that enables cryptocurrency holders to use their tokens to trade with fiat funds, crypto pairs, commodities, and other financial assets listed on global and crypto exchanges.

Quantfury offers assets at exchanges’ best bid and ask prices with no commissions, leverage fees, or maker and taker fees. Instead, Quantfury makes money by investing with its own trading strategies, by using machine learning with user trading data. The platform provides users in Europe, Latin America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa, with transparent, real-time pricing and access to global markets without having to sell their crypto.

Miguel Palencia, Chief Information Officer of the Qtum Foundation, said: “Qtum believes in seamless and rich token experiences. We’re proud there’s a number of powerful and cutting-edge financial tools, from investments to payments servicing Qtum users. We understood our community has been looking for frictionless access to global markets, and we knew Quantfury, a platform renowned for transparency, ease of use, and lack of fees of any kind, would be right for them.”

Quantfury, which already has a user base from 40+ countries, hopes the collaboration will help increase access to the trading apps’ unique financial service offerings for Qtum’s strong Asian user base. Quantfury users and QTUM token holders can deposit up to $1,000 USD in Qtum and have a maximum QTUM/USD investment or trade size of $1,000.

Gregory Kim, CEO of Quantfury said: “We are excited to serve Qtum’s enthusiastic community and welcome Qtum token holders to our rapidly-growing user base. Trading or investing in global markets using crypto has been a highly vocalized demand for years. By accepting proven cryptocurrencies and their respective community members, we’re advancing our goal of building the crucial links between the traditional and modern financial worlds.”

To access global markets with QTUM tokens, visit this link.

Author: Yash Hirani

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