Qapital Launches Android App – Unique Money App is Powered By Customers’ Daily Habits

Qapital (@qapitalapp), the first goal-based, gamified personal finance app that’s revolutionizing the way young Americans save money for the things they want to do and experience in life, is now available to iOS and Android users, allowing millions of Americans access to the only savings tool that lets customers set and attain their goals while helping them change their money habits for the better.

Since launching in the U.S. in May 2015, Qapital has redefined the money-saving experience for thousands of customers who’ve struggled to save money in the past. Qapital for Android offers the same simplicity as Qapital for iOS. With just a few taps, customers can start triggering automated savings, held in their FDIC-insured Qapital accounts. Customers can Round-Up their change, “fine” themselves for spending on Guilty Pleasures and reward themselves when they Spend Less and come in under budget.

Whether customers are saving for a new laptop or setting money aside to pay off their student loans, Qapital’s unique Rules let them tailor their savings strategies to work according to how they live their lives. In addition, Qapital is the first personal-finance app with an IFTTT (If This Then That) integration, allowing customers to trigger savings toward their Goals every time they use any one of the many apps that have become part of their daily life, including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google apps, FitBit, FourSquare and many more.

Qapital will also be announcing an in-app integration with Apple Health later this month.

Qapital is safe, secure and compatible with nearly every bank in the U.S. In September 2015, we announced our integration with Intuit, allowing the app to work with nearly 20,000 banks and credit unions, as well as bank-affiliated credit cards. The app was built by a team with decades of combined experience building secure online banking platforms ensuring customer safety and security.

“This is a huge leap forward for Qapital, since Android users dominate the smartphone market in the U.S.,” said Qapital CEO George Friedman. “Qapital is now available to the vast majority of Americans—meaning they finally have the tools they need to conquer their personal finance challenges and help them reach their goals, whatever they may be.”

In October, Qapital announced that Dan Ariely, best-selling author and Duke University professor, joined the Qapital team as Chief Behavioral Economist and as an investor.

Brief timeline

* May 2015: Qapital launches on the U.S. App Store.
* June 2015: Qapital is the first money app with a channel on IFTTT (If This Then That), allowing customers to link their savings Goals with popular apps, including FitBit, Twitter and Facebook.
* September 2015: Qapital automates the popular 52 Week savings challenge, helping customers save $1,378 in a year. The Freelancer Rule lets independent contractors set aside a percentage of each paycheck to pay quarterly estimated taxes.
* October 2015: Dan Ariely, best-selling author and Duke University professor, joins Qapital as an investor and in-house Chief Behavioral Economist.
* February 2016: Qapital launches app for Android. Later this month, its in-app integration with Apple Health.

What customers say:

Five stars “I’ve saved $700 in a few months and I never even noticed… Automating savings is so easy.”
Five stars “This is so much fun and you get to save just by doing everyday things!”
Five stars “This is the future of saving.”

Download the app for Android here.
Download the app for iOS here.

About Qapital

Qapital was founded in 2013 with the mission to build a mobile banking solution that people love to use. Qapital combines beautiful design with cutting-edge financial technology. Save small, live large at Follow us on Twitter at @qapitalapp.

Author: Jason Williams

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