Payroll Platform That Runs Itself from FingerCheck

Online Payroll Company Releases Auto-Run Payroll for Salaried and Hourly Employees

FingerCheck, a New York-based software startup specializing in time tracking and payroll, is the latest to introduce a feature that makes online payroll completely automated. The platform internally processes payroll for all salaried employees, and hourly employees based on its own time clock data.

Introducing Auto-Run payroll really symbolizes what our goal is – to make payroll innovative, convenient, and accurate, without losing functionality. Most online payroll solutions are limited to auto-running payroll for only salaried employees, or based on set hours. Because our system records each employee’s time punches, we can calculate all the actual hours worked and process payroll automatically, with zero human involvement,” says Director Joel Kohn.

FingerCheck360 was designed to streamline and simplify payroll for small to mid-sized businesses by offering one cohesive and complete HR platform which currently includes applicant tracking, employee on-boarding, time clock software and online payroll services. “By streamlining both aspects in one platform, FingerCheck360 eliminates the potential for human error, and ultimately reduces time. Within one system, you can record, calculate, manage, and review employees’ worked time, and run payroll,” continues Kohn.

2 days before pay day, when payroll is due to be processed, employers are notified via email, along with the total cash required for the transaction. They can then log in to make any changes or additions to the payroll till the end of the day. FingerCheck’s smart algorithm will also detect if there are any abnormalities in the payroll and will prevent it from running automatically.

FingerCheck360’s auto-run payroll feature was designed to simplify the online payroll experience, which can be configured in just a few clicks. To accommodate any employer’s schedule, auto-run payroll can be scheduled for one individual payroll run or for all payrolls moving forward.

Author: Dylan Jones

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