Passion assets now tracked through eWise’s financial data aggregation and personal financial management solutions

eWise, a leading provider of financial data aggregation and money management solutions is now enabling end-users to add their “offline” physical assets when assessing their wealth online.

End-users can now track the value and performance of their physical possessions when aggregating their financial data through eWise’s client-side account aggregation technology, enabled through the eWise AEGIS platform. This data is encrypted and stored on an individual’s personal device using eWise’s Personal Data Vault.

eWise’s ‘offline’ assets and liabilities feature is available through the eWise API or offered to millions of users of eWise’s white label Money Manager solution; where online and offline assets and liabilities are displayed on a single interface as part of a secure white label wealth management solution, viewable on a desktop or mobile device.

A range of physical assets are supported in the latest release of the eWise Aegis platform and Money Manager solution including art, wine, stamps, gold, classic cars and aircraft.

eWise solutions are designed for retail banks, financial advisors, wealth managers and Fintech firms wanting to offer digital financial management services to their consumers, enabling total wealth visibility.

The new feature is being introduced into eWise’s solutions at a time where high returns on passion assets such as fine wine and classic cars are providing increased yield and diversification for many investors.  In the past five years, cars, coins and jewels have returned 161 percent, 92 percent and 65 percent respectively, eclipsing Britain’s FTSE-100 stock index up 15 per cent since the start of 2011. According to the wine industry´s leading benchmark Liv-ex, fine wine is up 11.45 percent this year compared with 10.23 percent for the FTSE 100[i].

By contrast August 2016 interest rates in the UK were a record low of 0.25%, and in Australia, rates are also at an all-time low, with Australia’s central bank cutting its cash rate from 1.75% to 1.5% at the beginning of the month.

“When interest rates are low and when the price of physical assets are rising it’s important for customers to get a holistic view of their wealth,” says David Hamilton CEO of eWise. “Online investments often only produce half the picture, particularly when markets are soft. It’s important to see what you own in physical assets alongside what you have in online investments, in order to make truly informed financial decisions.”

HNWI’s in emerging markets also have a strong interest in Passion Assets. Last year many of the world’s top 200 art collectors came from China and Brazil. [ii] Chinese artefacts such as porcelain, are increasingly being bought by Chinese collectors who provide a sizeable pool of wealth to support the market.[iii] Asian investors also are taking advantage of a weaker pound post Brexit decision, snapping up property in the UK, with at least eight major Chinese investments in UK property since the June referendum.[iv]

Dean Young, Head of Product for eWise said: “By allowing end-users to track the performance of their physical assets in addition to their online assets through our Aegis platform and Money Manager solution, we provide a more complete picture of their overall wealth and asset performance.”

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