P2P lending platform Ablrate raises funds to expand its reach internationally

Ablrate, a UK based asset-backed Peer to Peer (P2P) lending platform, is now live on Crowdcube for investment up to Sterling £1million.

Being an already successful business in the United Kingdom, Ablrate’s ambition is to expand its reach internationally and increase its origination. The team has been travelling in the past few months to Asia and has discovered new opportunities they want to seize and the potential to make Ablrate an international peer to peer lending platform.

Since its launch in 2014, Ablrate has facilitated over £45 million deals as well as £34 million+ on the secondary market. Borrowers benefit from easy access to funds, while lenders reap financial rewards with average returns of 10% to 15%.

The platform has enabled £5 million+ returns in interest to lenders and has boosted its annual revenue from £107k in 2015 to £1,752k in 2018.

On January 30, 2019, a new loan was listed on Ablrate at 2pm for £310,000 for a Polo Club and completed in 27 minutes!

David Bradley-Ward, CEO of Ablrate, who was named one of UK’s top 50 most influential people in P2P Finance, explains: “From the beginning we have aimed to provide fair returns for the risk being taken by our lenders. That should be no different for our shareholders. We have seen many competitor companies raising funds at large valuations before they have even proven they can make sustainable revenue, that would be against our very ethos.”

The business strategy to expand its reach is to use the funds to improve three areas:

· Origination: Ablrate has developed its own broker platform where in-house and third-party brokers can manage the process from listing a loan, managing their fees, etc… The funds will be used to increase origination.

· Lender acquisition: Ablrate is looking to take on more staff in the marketing department to manage lenders and increase the onboarding of new lenders. They are also investing in automated marketing technology and CRM systems and introducing a new Underwriter program that will assist with loan origination.

· Technology: Ablrate is working on the integration of ASMX, a blockchain based solution providing a global market for connecting lending communities and creating an international secondary market for private corporate debt accessible by an international pool of lenders.

ASMX will be one of the key elements to expand Ablrate globally, as it enables trade without boundaries using blockchain and cryptocurrency. David Bradley-Ward says, “We are working with ASMX who are building a blockchain system for trading debt, basically an easy to use, but highly sophisticated secondary market for trading debt worldwide that all P2P platforms can join. We have been working with them to integrate our platform and be the first P2P platform on their ecosystem which will give us a huge advantage.”

Ablrate’s crowdfunding campaign will end in 20 days and has already raised more than half of its soft cap of £350,000. The company offers rewards to investors: investment from £500 will see 1,5% of its value into their Ablrate account, while investment from £3,000+ will be 2.5% and over £20,000 will be 3%.

More information on https://www.ablrate.com

Author: Yash Hirani

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