nCino Secures Top Position in Aite Group Global Commercial Loan Origination Vendor Report

Company awarded as market leader for robust product features, customer service & support, rapid growth & diversification

nCino has received the highest marks among the commercial loan origination (CLO) vendors evaluated by Aite Group in the analyst firm’s October 2017 report, Commercial Loan Origination: Scoping the Market and Comparing the Vendors.

The report from Aite Group explores key trends shaping the CLO market and how technology is stepping up to address those needs. It also introduces the Aite Impact Matrix (AIM), a highly governed and quantitative vendor evaluation methodology to measure strengths and weaknesses of 10 leading global CLO vendors. The proprietary vendor assessment framework evaluates the overall competitive position of each vendor in this space, focusing on how they excel in four distinct areas: Vendor Stability, Client Strength, Product Features and Client Services.

nCino scored highest overall in the AIM positioning, driven by:

  • Client strength, as “nCino’s installed base is among the largest and most diverse” in both type of institution and range in size;
  • Vendor stability, as the result of nCino having “one of the highest growth rates among the examined,” as well as its management team receiving such high scores by reference customers and CLO being a large portion of its revenue compared to other vendors; and
  • Client service, as nCino customers ranked the company highest overall in this area for its “quality of support, this quality relative to its cost, and nCino’s ability to deliver on promises.”

Aite Group also honored nCino with the “Black Turtleneck Award,” suggesting a resemblance to Apple for how its Bank Operating System can “delight customers, deliver an excellent user experience, and put complacent incumbents on notice that their business is no longer secure.”

nCino’s ability to continuously replace banks’ long-standing incumbent’s technology makes this cloud-based platform a true disrupter in the industry. nCino’s aggressive growth rate over the past five years is something to watch,” said David O’Connell, senior analyst at Aite Group.

nCino’s AIM analysis revealed some of the fastest growth in an installed base among the vendors examined, and the report acknowledges that nCino’s “rapid increase in the market” is notable. The report also states that “an up-to-date and extremely easy-to-use interface” is emerging in the CLO market as a “must-have core competency” and a trend reflected in nCino’s growing customer base. In Aite Group’s analysis, which included customer interviews, nCino received “top scores for its extremely friendly and user interface.”

Trisha Price, EVP of product development and engineering at nCino, added, “We are excited to be recognized by Aite Group as the leading commercial loan origination software provider. We are proud of our innovative technology, our rapid growth in the market and our commitment to customer success. As we continue to embrace this era of digital transformation, it is important to maintain momentum, which is why we continuously strive to introduce new features that can improve banks’ back-office operations, as well as enhance the overall employee and customer experience.

All research in this report is based on a request for information (RFI) that Aite Group used to survey each of the vendors about their stability, strength and product features. To download the full report, please visit

Author: Dylan Jones

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