N26 achieves milestone of 5 million customers on five year anniversary

Today, the global mobile banking made N26 announced the 5 million users have passed, five years after the bank launched on 26 January 2015. Mobile-only bank This announcement follows a period of unprecedented growth where the customer base of N26 bijkwamen within one year worldwide more than doubled and more customers than all previous years combined. In the Netherlands, N26 now has more than 100,000 customers, after an increase of 178 percent in 2019.

“2019 was not only a year of growth, but also of conscious investment in our product, our people and service-oriented experience. It has so far been a wonderful trip, and we continue to try to improve the banking experience for our growing customer base, “said Maximilian Tayenthal, co-founder and CFO of N26.

In 2019 entered N26 first challenger bank US market, additionally opened a TechHub in Vienna, the new premium product launched N26 You, and introduced Shared Spaces; Flexible sub-accounts that users can easily banking together. To kick off this year, the bank has the navigation in the app completely renovated to provide the most relevant actions for customers to simplify – whether it’s faster transactions, greater insight into spending behavior or enabling the discrete mode for safer road to banking.

“Achieving five million customers is a great achievement. Yet not only us in terms of growth. Currently we are one of the largest players in the field of mobile banking. Nevertheless, we have not forgotten our initial mission, namely the challenge of an industry that has to change. N26 has proved that banking can be simple and intuitive through the use of high technology, “adds Valentin Stalf, co-founder and CEO of N26 increases.

N26 has also invested last year in the team, and now has a workforce of 1,500 employees with 80 nationalities at five locations worldwide. A considerable growth compared to 300 employees two years ago. The reputation as a top employer in 2019 resulted in nearly 150,000 applications, providing a world class team could be built.

Author: Yash Hirani

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