KYC Portal, not just another KYC provider

In a world where KYC compliance is a continuously evolving regulatory landscape, the need for automation is high. KYC Portal can help by taking the burden off your team whilst also helping to increase efficiency like never before.

KYC Portal is not another data provider. KYC Portal is the most complete end-to-end KYC and due diligence solution on the market. KYC Portal focuses on automating the operational aspect of compliance and due diligence, both from an on-boarding perspective as well as the on-going concern. What is usually done manually by teams of staff in order to constantly ensure that all is in place is done by KYC Portal in real time.

How well do you know your customer?

KYC stands for Knowing Your Client (customer, supplier, business etc.). What is crucial here is the “ing” in Knowing. KYC is a journey that starts from the first day the subject contacted you, through on-boarding, through risk evaluation, all the way throughout the years that the subject will remain your client. An ever-evolving process that takes time and resources. Having a screening service provider to check the PEP status, sanctions and adverse media of such subjects is only a fraction of the entire cost and workflow of the entire KYC process.

Ultimate Peace of Mind

One of the biggest advantages that KYC Portal brings to the table is the peace of mind that your reputation is safe guarded. The only way that organisations are keeping up with such a challenge is by throwing in more resources, which is in turn compounds the problem due to increased costs and risk exposure which is also based on human bias.

KYC Portal addresses this challenge through automation. All the aspects within the KYC process including workflows, processes and alerts that are usually handled on a manual basis are fully automated. Based on the customisation that you would have defined within the system, KYC Portal will handle all the aspects of compliance and alert your team when something goes wrong. KYC Portal will also allow you to tweak the tool to cater for new regulatory requirements and market changes, instantly applying and re-assessing such tweaks across all of your past subjects.

Unlimited Capacity of Subjects

How many more resources can you place within the compliance team to handle the ever-increasing complexity of the subject? The on-boarding vs ongoing cost ratio is 1:3 – a never-ending viscous circle. Automation is the only feasible way forward.

KYC Portal was conceived with the express intention of meeting each customer’s specific needs, being perfectly configurable to match current needs and to demand next to no change in operational procedures.

The benefits of automation, together with significantly reduced dependence on specialist resources, directly impact the volume and speed with which organisations of any size can handle new applicants and accurately and efficiently manage previously approved, active clients.

Maximised Efficiencies

The need to meet regulatory obligations when conducting KYC is proving to be ever costlier and more complex, and while it is seen as being a required overhead, the current approach is invariably having an unsustainably negative impact on the bottom line.

The newly revised AML regulations further pose the responsibility on a variety of commercial organisations, not just limited to the financial services provision industry, to ascertain the origin and validity of funds at every step. The industry’s response is invariably one where more resources and funds are being allocated in an attempt at addressing the issue.

Notwithstanding, the net outcome is one where despite the process claims a heavier financial burden, the average duration for onboarding has shot up by over 40% in just two years, increased touch points required are putting a strain on customer relationships and ongoing reviews are becoming ever more unsustainable.

Product Features

KYC Portal is the most complete end-to-end KYC solution on the market. Catering for all the steps in the entire process and centralising the entire process flow involving all parties into one communal portal.

Some of the KYC Portal product features include:

  • Central Console of compliance collating all the data on a subject in one view
  • Automated Custom Risk Scoring
  • Automated Graphical Organigram with the ability to view back-dated data
  • Face-to-Face Video Interviews
  • Facial Recognition
  • Granular Notifications
  • Full seamless API Integration
  • Real Time Transaction Monitoring
  • Customer Outreach Tool for automated on-boarding

The Due Diligence Community

One of the key advantages of having an established product on the market is the amount of new information you learn on a daily basis from your customers. Back in February 2017 we launched what we believed was one of the best due diligence tools on the market – KYC Portal. This has been growing exponentially in delivering greater efficiencies and benefit thanks to market knowledge and experience

Nowadays, after more than two years of assisting customers in various industries and jurisdictions, we have garnered invaluable insight and experience into the detail of due diligence and KYC challenges that customers face on an ongoing basis. Whether its on-boarding issues, remediation challenges within banks, handling KYC on huge volume of subjects, identifying sources and much more. Servicing markets across banking, financial services, legal and payments.

This is the reason why we launched the Due Diligence Community.  A portal that will allow us to share all that we do with the general public. From real life case studies to whitepapers, feature reviews and their benefit as well as tackling specific issues on the market such as on-boarding, ongoing concern and operational challenges. We are digitising all of our findings and research on an on-going basis. It’s a platform to share knowledge and let others contribute through questions and asking for specific detail which we will work on.

You can access the community by clicking on this link –

Author: Yash Hirani

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