KPMG Open banking opens opportunities for greater customer value

KPMG have developed a short 4 page report that blueprints how banks can develop and roll out value adding open banking propositions to customers. 

The report summarises:

  • How open banking is being rolled out in key regions through duel drivers of customer expectation and regulation 
  • The open banking use cases that add customer and business value including comparison services, KYC, auto-saving and credit scoring 
  • How open banking uses cases drive customer value by making digital assets stickier and enabling better personalisation  
  • An assessment of the potential business models that banks can adopt to attain value from the open banking evolution 
  • A simple, 6 step roadmap to deliver open banking success from customer engagement to data security and partnerships strategies 

Download this concise open banking blueprint and obtain a snapshot of where open banking roll out is today and the simple steps your organisation should be taking now to drive stakeholder value. 

Author: Yash Hirani

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