IPC Systems and emagine partner for end-to-end trusted time stamping solution

IPC, a leading global provider of secure, compliant communications and networking solutions for the financial markets community, announced today here at EMEA Trading Conference 2019 that it is partnering with analytics trailblazer emagine Consulting to deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution for trusted time stamping and clock synchronisation for financial market participants, further augmenting IPC’s robust Connexus Chrono offering.

Connexus Chrono, IPC’s leading turnkey clock synchronisation and time stamping service engineered to deliver high-precision time feeds globally, will benefit from emagine’s Time Suite Explorer (TsEX), a full-stack enterprise analytics solution that links end-to-end metrics, increasing performance and optimising event-driven transactions. emagine’s next-generation synchronisation and monitoring platform enables full diagnostics, compliance and reporting of your timing system. The combination of IPC and emagine technologies means financial-market participants can be assured the entire life of a transaction will be captured to the nanosecond.

“To meet the wide breadth of financial markets time-stamping requirements, from varying regulatory jurisdictions to trade strategies, financial firms need a service that delivers precise, synchronised, and traceable time feeds,” said David Brown, chief operating officer at IPC Systems. “With the emagine partnership, IPC’s Connexus Chrono accelerates its technological lead over other offerings. Now, no matter where a transaction happens in the financial markets, customers can know and prove when it happens as well because of this unique collaboration.”

Time-as-a-Service (TaaS) has become a necessity in large part due to regulatory compliance with MiFID II RTS-25, SEC Rule 613, which created the Consolidated Audit Trail, and similar statutes placing strict requirements on the accuracy of time stamps and the maximum divergences of the clock from which they are read. Time becomes vital when examining potential violations like insider trading and front-running, for example. Compliance, however, is not the only reason for TaaS, as clock synchronisation and time stamping solutions enhance performance visibility, risk mitigation, digital forensics, and accurate financial reporting and auditability.

Underpinning IPC’s and emagine’s solution is leading-edge time stamping technology using atomic clocks synchronised to UTC to ensure the same time is available globally. IPC’s Connexus Chrono is delivered from 10 state-of-the-art facilities around the world at adjustable levels of accuracy ranging from one to 250 microseconds, and is able to expand to nearly any data centre globally. Meanwhile, emagine’s Time Suite Explorer platform utilises machine learning-powered performance analytics to identify and pre-empt potential inefficiencies and inaccuracies, providing uniformed synchronisation of system clocks with full traceability and granularity, making time monitoring and management simple, with rich global reports only one click away.

“Time-as-a-Service enables flexible, highly scalable deployments, and our joint solution with IPC blankets the markets in terms of the time stamping and synchronisation capabilities,” said Alex Visram, managing director of emagine Consulting. “There is no other offering out there that can better keep financial firms focused on running smoothly and profitably instead of watching the time.”

Author: Yash Hirani

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