HM Land Registry Leads Global Push for Digital Mortgages

Tommy Petrogiannis, President, eSignLive by VASCO

It’s great to see the drive for a completely digital mortgage process going global. There has been a demand for some time now but many industry stakeholders have been reluctant to replace paper, raising concerns about compliance and security. However, best-in-class e-signature solutions already address these concerns though built-in workflow, presentation and delivery rules, and include authentication features to ensure the integrity of the signing process and the underlying document. Best of all, e-signature solutions enable the entire mortgage process to stay digital, rather than just enabling e-signing of the mortgage deed.

E-signatures also bring a higher level of transparency and accountability, as well as the more seamless customer experience that today’s customer demands. This enables organisations to transact business in a safe and secure manner, while also providing the a platform for much-needed digital transformation.

Author: Dylan Jones

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