Hello Group Launches Triple Product Offering

The company has launched two new products and revamped its primary offering

Technology experts Hello Group have revamped their existing financial trading offering — Hello Markets — and have launched the two highly-anticipated products — Hello Diamonds and Hello Football.

Established in 2010, Hello Group has been offering white label trading solutions to the financial market under the product name Hello Markets, which has amassed over 110 clients across all 5 continents, boasting a 450% annual growth rate for its clients. With the trading platform being offered with a fully-packed back office consisting of a CRM, Affiliation system, CMS, a Risk Management dashboard and additional tools, Hello Group has expanded this offering to break into new industries and create groundbreaking products, as has been the company’s philosophy from the beginning.

The company’s new product, Hello Diamonds, allows end users to purchase physical diamonds from an online platform. The Hello Diamonds platform connects brokers to over 7000 suppliers, and allows the end users to purchase from a list of over 800,000 live diamonds. The Hello Diamonds platform is based on the HTML5 and node.js technologies, and is set on the backdrop of a user-friendly interface, which is fully-compatible with any browser, device, and operating system.

The company’s latest product, Hello Football, was created with the idea of bringing transparency to the football industry, in regards to player value and transfer fees. The Hello Football Index uses big data to create a real-time price valuation feed based on every tidbit of information about a player, including football (e.g. player performance), finance (e.g. transfers and contract conditions), and fame (e.g. latest news and social media ranking).

Through its three main products, Hello Group has recently formed under one entity and officially rebranded under the latter name. The company is currently working on revamping its white label financial solution offering, with a new platform set to be released in Q1 of 2017.

Author: Dylan Jones

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