Glory Global Solutions ATM Dispenser Turns 30

Glory Global Solutions is proud to celebrate the 30th birthday of the SDD dispenser. First launched in 1986, the SDD set the benchmark for future mechanisms and is well known as the “workhorse” of the US retail ATM industry owing to its reliability and longevity. 

A secure and compact single denomination bill dispensing mechanism, the SDD delivers maximum uptime, requires minimal maintenance and includes Glory’s Intelligent Double Detection to deliver consistently accurate operation. These innovative features combined with unwavering performance resulted in the SDD being rewarded with the Industry Award for Excellence from ATMIA and in 2008.

As the flagship account for SDD and with a relationship spanning more than 22 years, Triton has shipped in excess of 130,000 ATMs incorporating the SDD dispenser to customers across the US; many of whom have received many years of reliable performance.

Terry Asher, Vice President of Operations & Engineering at Triton, said “Our customers demand the highest levels of availability, security and accuracy and the ATM dispenser is a key factor in allowing us to deliver on this promise. The Glory SDD is a brand we trust. It is consistently reliable and continues to set the standard in our industry. This, paired with continuous support to adapt and improve products to the ever-changing demands of our market, is why we have worked with Glory for over two decades.”

Speaking alongside Mr Asher, Mohamad Al Basha, Glory’s Managing Director, Worldwide OEM Solutions, stated that “Triton and Glory have worked closely together for many years to ensure that Triton ATMs, powered by the Glory SDD, continue to deliver the highest levels of reliability and availability to the end deployers. We are delighted to continue our positive working relationship with Triton and are proud of the SDD’s on-going success. On behalf of Glory Global Solutions I would thank all committed customers and users of SDD for their continued loyalty.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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