Global IT Consultant’s New Book Showcases ‘Transformation Eco System’ Framework

The culmination of two decades of IT consulting to firms around the world, Helmut Schindlwick’s ‘IT Governance’ is a groundbreaking, comprehensive new guide any company can use to pick through the massive amounts of data they collect, identify accurate, relevant pieces – and use these to improve all areas of service and operations. Using the author’s own self-developed Transformation Eco System (TESy) framework, big data has never been so easy. But, for the project to come to fruition, vital Kickstarter funds are needed.

As many leading IT consultants put it, the 21st Century is the “age of Big Data”; a defining, dominant driving force behind almost all leading enterprises. However, most companies collect so much data that traditional processing models no longer apply. In fact, many organizations don’t even know how to start turning their data into actionable, decision-driven operational improvements.

Overcoming these hurdles is something of a passion for Austria’s Helmut Schindlwick, an IT consultant who has spent almost two decades advising some of the world’s largest brands and companies. His renowned Transformation Eco System (TESy) framework has literally changed the face of organizations who previously struggled to turn their data into profit. For the first time, he’s now consolidating his knowledge and TESy into a powerful new book.

‘IT Governance’ will provide rapid and easy-to-implement solutions to those confused by big data; data that holds the key to solving their biggest operational challenges.


It’s necessary for enterprises nowadays to collect massive amounts of data for their business—data concerning everything from products and services to market conditions and customer demographics. With so much information at your fingertips, it’s difficult to find the pieces that are accurate and relevant.

This problem is exacerbated by the growth that comes from acquisition. Consolidating data becomes a real issue for newly integrated companies or recently launched branches. After all, standardizing software – considering international legal requirements, different roles, responsibilities, and processes – is challenging when you’re running a global enterprise.

Helmut Schindlwick proposes a solution for these headaches through IT governance. You must put a system in place for inaccurate or redundant data, as well as data that becomes obsolete, and then continuously monitor data quality to ensure optimization. Instead of focusing on software, you should first take time to determine the structure of your master data.

Schindlwick shares all the knowledge and experience he’s gleaned from eighteen years of consulting work, approaching a complex topic in a way that’s practical and easily understood. His unique Transformation Eco System, or TESy, will guide readers through concepts and communicate information plainly.

Almost every business is collecting reams and reams of data; the goal for this book is to equip people with the knowledge and models they need to actually turn it into something that can change how they operate, how their employees work and how they ultimately affect the world around them,” explains the author. “It’s essentially everything I’ve learned in eighteen years, in one book. And believe me – it’s needed in the marketplace.”

Continuing, “Everything is ready to go, we just need funds to overcome some publishing hurdles. We’ve turned to Kickstarter and are offering some great rewards ranging from eBook copies, all the way to being named in the publication as a sponsor. I also hope people understand that funding the book is funding the future of big data and its accessibility by the average organization; it’s truly an investment in millions of businesses around the world.”

‘IT Governance’ is due for imminent release. Back the Kickstarter project and claim your rewards, here:

Author: Dylan Jones

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