FinTech for Email: iNBOTiQA unveils new Machine Learning Intelligent Business Email solution to help banks take control of unmanageable inbox volumes

iNBOTiQA, the Intelligent Business Email platform that transforms how the leading business communication channel is used, unveils machine learning and big data analytics to further revolutionise the way companies take control and realise the true potential of their inboxes.

New AI capabilities will further help corporates unlock the power of their inboxes

iNBOTiQA, the intelligent business email platform, today launched a machine learning functionality that will enable more valuable data to be harnessed, and deeper management insights enabled via analytics. The tech will be demonstrated next month in London at the world-renowned Barclays Accelerator, powered by Techstars.

Existing email systems are not designed for today’s sheer volume of emails, functionality requirements or regulatory expectations. With a unique ability to track email and task ownership across an entire organisation and extract the right metrics and analytics, iNBOTiQA already dramatically reduces email volumes, significantly cutting operational costs, reducing risk, increasing productivity. Clients include Tier 1 Banks and leading international business process outsourcing organisations in areas such as KYC, FX, collateral, settlements and trade support.

iNBOTiQA CEO Liza Russell said: “If there’s one complaint we hear all too often about work, it’s the sheer volume of emails corporate employees have to handle each day. Email numbers are becoming unmanageable on a human scale, resulting in dramatic and sustained impacts on productivity and customer service levels, along with increased risk and operational costs.

“We’re looking forward to delivering even greater measurable savings and improvements for our clients. By reducing time spent on email management through auto-routing and auto-allocation, we’re further enabling teams to focus on tasks that have significantly higher value and providing unprecedented levels of management insight. Couple the new machine learning capabilities with prospective partnership discussions currently underway and we are on track to realising our vision of becoming the business omni-communication channel.”

Businesses often attempt to resolve high-volume and group-mailbox email-traffic issues through internally built or external work collaboration platforms. However, such point solutions target slices of the issues arising from emails and can often create additional work. Inbotiqa’s convergence of email and advanced workflow processes has transformed how email is used and unlocked analytical insights. The addition of proprietary machine learning technologies enables unprecedented in-depth analytics, case-management oversight and service levels.

The iNBOTiQA name stems from a combination of core elements – Inbox, Robotics, AI and Intelligent Analytics. The company has been shortlisted in both the 2019 FStech Awards and the 2019 National Technology Awards, and is currently one of only 10 startups on this year’s Barclays’ Accelerator programme powered by Techstars in London.

Author: Yash Hirani

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