Finantix powers HSBC Private Banking’s Global Client Wealth Management Portal

Finantix, a leading supplier of transformational software to the wealth management, insurance and private banking industries globally, today announced that Finantix Components have been deployed by HSBC Private Banking as it launches a new global client wealth management portal for its clients. The new portal is a simplified, seamless and globally standardised platform.

Finantix worked closely with HSBC Private Banking to provide Finantix Components business logic, insights, user journey standards and interfaces with its core banking platform. The solution has been rolled out in record time in the UK and is being extended to other markets where HSBC Private Banking operates.

Alessandro Tonchia, co-founder of Finantix, said: “We are proud to have delivered a powerful, scalable and client-focused global solution. HSBC Private Banking built the portal incorporating Finantix Components APIs and, in doing so, are creating a consistent, modern omni-device experience, easy and secure self-service access to accounts, portfolio information and analytics.”

Author: Yash Hirani

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