Fin.TechSummit Introduces How the Technology Changes the Financial World

The first year of conference Fin.techsummit will focus on innovation and technological change in the financial sector. The conference is held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Bratislava on November 16, 2017.

The Fin.TechSummit conference aims to bring current insights into how modern technologies influence the development and advancement of companies in the financial sector. More and more new companies are trying to modernize the traditional way of doing business in this segment with the help of innovative technologies. Is the upcoming financial and technological scene a cause for fear or an opportunity to move forward? How to use innovation in your benefit? These questions will be discussed at the Fin.TechSummit conference by foreign and Slovak leaders in the field.

The conference is organized and professionally covered by Future Proof – the organizer of TechSummit, which is the international technology innovation conference. “The technological innovations open up a wide range of ways to reduce costs, simplify and accelerate customer service, and increase security. The content of this conference will be beneficial for companies that want to accelerate”, says Davy Čajko, a founder, organizer and expert guarantor of the event.

The Fin.TechSummit is addressed to representatives of financial companies that are open to innovations, as well as to investors who are interested for cooperation with Slovak and foreign startups in this field. The top experts will share their experiences in panel discussions, wtich will be completed by specific case studies and start-up presentations.

Three key themes for the advancement of the financial sector

The issue of digital innovation in the financial sector will be represented by three main themes. All three themes combine a common goal: user comfort of financial institution clients, more efficient work, and a secure financial world.

The first topic is focused on the findings, what one of the biggest changes in online banking, called PSD2 – the European Commission’s directive on bank payments will brings users and banks. REGTECH is also part of this topic – how the usage of new technologies can make it easier to meet regulatory requirements.

The second topic is also addressed the outbreak and acute problem – human capital. The oualified workers will significantly influence the progress of banking services. In the third block, experts discuss the breakthrough technology blockchain (a special type of distributed decentralized database that records all payments of so-called cryptomenias, such as bitcoin – editorial note).

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Author: Dylan Jones

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