Dr. Stephan Sigrist at the CCC Executive Day 2016 and Celebrations

On June 23, 2016, CCC hosted the Executive Day with Dr. Stephan Sigrist at the Austria Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace in Vienna. Afterwards, the company celebrated its 18th Anniversary at the Gloriette in the park of Schönbrunn castle with around 150 international guests.

During 5th CCC Executive Day, Dr. Stephan Sigrist, founder and head of the Swiss think tank W.I.R.E., talked about future trends and their opportunities and risks for the society and business world in an interactive presentation.


At the beginning of his speech, Dr. Stephan Sigrist supplied a detailed picture of the current background situation against which digital change and technological innovation happen.

We live in times of political instability, with tendencies towards automated labor and global competition from Asia and the Silicon Valley. Factors such as these lead to a complex situation in Europe with vast social insecurity”, said Sigrist.

The futurologist suggested the upcoming trends can’t be predicted due to this enormous complexity. However, an understanding and feeling for them can be developed. Segmentation and a focus on certain topics are important for identifying the driving forces of change.

Following this, Sigrist went on to explain his “Theses on the official and the unofficial future of the digital economy“, highlighting the ambivalence of its developments.

During this economic climate it can be easily assessed that technological developments are changing all the important social areas such as mobility, media, healthcare, or finance.
A greater amount of data help is able to create greater transparency, increase efficiency and enable personalized information and customized offers to consumers. With the hopes of intelligent machines and Smart Homes to transform both the way we live and work, the vision of these developments is a “perfect capitalism“, in which supply and demand are congruent.

At the same time, the enormous amount of data that is produced day by day can no longer be processed even by machines and therefore leads to poorer results:
“2 billion smartphones produce 20 petabytes of data per day. This is more than we can store and process. Even self-learning algorithms are not able to capture this growing complexity. ”
The consequences are uncertainty, superficial knowledge, standardization, loss of control and a reduced ability to differentiate.

The final conclusion of Dr. Stephan Sigrist therefore was:
Strengthen your interactions in the real world and eliminate technology where it is not efficient. Common sense and values will help us to successfully shape these complex times. Be open and stay critical!”


During the breaks, Dr. Stephan Sigrist signed the current W.I.R.E. publication “Mind the Future” – a toolbox and compendium for contemporary trends in all areas of society.

Only a few days later, at the end of June, guests were invited to the 18th Anniversary of CCC at the Gloriette in the park of Castle Schönbrunn in Vienna. The attendees, made up of around 150 partners, association members and the CCC Management Team, enjoyed summerly temperatures, inspiring conversations, exquisite cuisine and music in an extraordinary atmosphere.

The guests were pleasantly welcomed by CEO Christian Legat welcomed the guests on behalf of the CCC Executive Board:

I am very pleased that you have accepted our invitation to celebrate our 18th CCC Anniversary together. With the opening of two locations in Dortmund and Izmir last year, as well as two others in Istanbul and Biel in 2016, we look back on very eventful months. Good reasons to reminisce and cheer to those successes and to express our gratitude for your cooperation and ongoing support.”

This anniversary also marked further commemorations and birthdays: “We are also celebrating 10 years of CCC in Slovakia as well as 15 years of CCC in Germany,” said Christian Legat.

The birthday of CCC’s first employee in German, Christoph Müller, who is now appointed as the Call Center Manager at the Berlin Prenzlauer Berg office, took place on the anniversary. Collaborating with Legat, he was treated to cutting the CCC birthday cake.

Prior to the CCC Anniversary Dr. Stephan Sigrist presented his thesis on the official and the unofficial future of the digital economy in his speech “Rebooting Business” at the CCC Executive Day in Austria Trend Hotel Park Royal Palace.

Invest in Gdansk encourages the establishment of foreign companies in Poland. Call Center Forum, eSKY.pl S.A. and Grupa Allegro Sp. z o.o. were Polish representatives at the CCC Anniversary.


Author: Dylan Jones

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