Delay to ‘strong customer authentication’ regulation “should really serve as a wakeup call”

Michal Kissos Hertzog, CEO, from digital bank Pepper said:

“With the delay of the ‘strong customer authentication’ regulation, many in the online payments and ecommerce sectors in the UK may be breathing a huge sigh of relief today.”

“Yet there must be a realisation that online payments are changing all the time, and due to this, the value proposition and user experience must evolve constantly too, especially around ensuring it is safe and secure.”

“The UK is now home to an on-demand economy where anything can be purchased at the click of a button, and while new regulations like the SCA can seem like a significant burden, I believe they can conversely act as an enabler.”

“Today’s delay should really serve as a wakeup call. Instead of updating systems to be ready for the SCA by adopting better, faster and more agile technology, some have taken the ‘out of sight out of mind’ approach. However, implementing a digital core is crucial, as it enables any company to adapt, at speed, to consumer needs and changing regulations in an effective way.”

Author: Yash Hirani

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