Corsearch FOCUS Released by Wolters Kluwer

Revolutionary solution empowers trademark practitioners with an interactive experience to quickly identify and resolve trademark conflicts

Wolters Kluwers Corsearch, the leading provider of innovative reliable solutions to protect brands and trademarks, today announced the launch of Corsearch FOCUS™. The solution is a first of its kind trademark research tool that provides practitioners with an interactive visual map of trademark research results. In doing so, Corsearch FOCUS enables them to quickly and easily grasp the relationship between their marks and any potential conflicts.

Using similarity and relevancy metrics, Corsearch FOCUS graphically plots potential conflicts around the trademark being researched, with detailed record information just a click away. Phonetic and appearance-based similarity is driven by presentation and prefix- and suffix-bias, while relevancy is determined based on additional factors, such as classes and goods and services of the marks cited. Corsearch FOCUS helps practitioners easily find all of the information they need to fully evaluate potential risks.

As such, Corsearch FOCUS will help trademark practioners take an unprecedented approach to the research process according to Tobias Hartmann, general manager of Corsearch.

Corsearch has a history of revolutionizing research workflows, having led the industry to making interactive search review an industry requirement,” noted Hartmann. “Now, we are focusing on helping practitioners stand out to their clients and even have some fun with a much more dynamic approach to reviewing searches.

“Everything Corsearch does is based on the hundreds, even thousands of discussions and observations conducted with practitioners about their day-to-day work,” adds Andrew L. Popper, vice president of Global Marketing & Market Planning at Corsearch. “Corsearch FOCUS is based on the analysis that practitioners do every day, but now we’ve removed the manual effort so that they can spend their valuable time actually analyzing risk. As a result, Corsearch reinforces the trademark practitioner by offering greater control and more effective tools for evaluating risk and avoiding litigation.”

Corsearch FOCUS can be used in conjunction with all of Corsearch’s other industry-leading tools to investigate owners, mark use, legal history of the mark, and more.

Corsearch provides the world’s leading clearance and protection services and tools to trademark and brand professionals across the globe. Corsearch’s international reach allows customers to clear trademarks in more than 150 countries worldwide. Its customer-designed user interface empowers customers to clear their trademarks, brands, and domain names and protect their value throughout their lifetime, using best-in-class research content on its streamlined and easy-to-use platform.

Ranked #1 in overall quality by “World Trademark Review’s” 2015 survey of trademark professionals worldwide, Corsearch services include Avantiq’s international research project work and CitizenHawk’s domain name and online brand protection businesses.

Author: Dylan Jones

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