CoinBurp raises £5,000 in cryptocurrency donations for Christmas charity campaign

This week, CoinBurp, the cryptocurrency trading platform, completed the final event in a charity campaign which started on 10th December 2019. In total, CoinBurp has raised the equivalent of £5,018.36 in Bitcoin and Ethereum, which will soon be donated to Centrepoint – one of the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity.

This month-long charity campaign, primarily undertaken by CoinBurp’s CEO Peter Wood, was concluded this week with an official sponsorship of a room to help a homeless person rebuild their lives. After witnessing the problem of youth homelessness first-hand, Peter Wood has decided to invest in a yearly sponsorship opportunity provided by Centrepoint which will have a long-term benefit in helping a young homeless person off the street.

Other events in this campaign have included a 12-hour livestream whereby Peter Wood managed to say the word ‘crypto’ 100,000 times. Also, on the 23rd of December, Pete undertook Centrepoint’s ‘Blag it’ challenge, which involved accumulating as many goods and items from local merchants and shop owners via donation as possible.

Donations have been made over the course of the last 30-days in Bitcoin and Ethereum and CoinBurp have matched one per cent of all charitable donations. CoinBurp saw a total of 48 separate donations, each one averaging £104.54 in value.

This campaign has also served to promote cryptocurrency as a viable option for future charity fundraising – as blockchain technology has allowed for a faster, safer and more efficient method of money donation.

Peter Wood, CEO, CoinBurp comments:

“This event has enlightened me to just some of the hardships homeless people in the UK have to face on a daily basis, from freezing temperatures to overwhelming hunger. That is why I reserved my final act of goodwill to a year-long commitment in sponsoring a room for a homeless person to take shelter.

“I believe this ongoing, direct commitment will bring awareness of UK homelessness to the attention of many cryptocurrency organisations and investors, encouraging them to be more accepting to charitable giving on a consistent basis, especially if its in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital currencies.

“This campaign also underlines the importance of policy change when it comes to charitable remittance. Centrepoint have been a great help and have warmly accepted our charitable efforts and the donation in cryptocurrency; incidentally, they are the only major homeless charity we reached out to who would accept cryptocurrency despite never having done so before.”

To sponsor a room for just 40p a day, please visit: 

Author: Yash Hirani

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