Brexit Debate: How EU Regulations help manufacturers

James Cropper plc, the listed specialist paper, moulded fibre and advanced materials group, points to the overlooked regulatory advantages of the EU, particularly for manufacturers:

Mark Cropper, Chairman of James Cropper plc, said:

“Consumers today are much more aware of the impact their purchasing decisions are having on the environment and on working conditions.  Major retail brands understand this and careful monitor their purchasing and sourcing policies.  If they don’t, they risk a buyer’s strike and severe reputational damage.

“The debate about Brexit has overlooked the advantages that EU regulations have brought not just to consumers, but also to manufacturers like us.  We sell our products all over the world to sectors ranging from luxury goods to aerospace.  Our customers demand information on the environmental impact and sustainability of our processes and on working practices. We comply with the EU’s strict regulations in these areas and – contrary to popular opinion – this gives us an immediate competitive advantage. This is not an area that is standing still – consumers and brands expect their suppliers to comply with best practice as it develops, often led by the EU. The EU brand has value.

“Manufacturing can be carried out at lower costs elsewhere in the world, but with accordingly higher environmental and human costs.  Consumers and responsible companies know this and are increasingly adjusting their purchasing decisions in favour of EU companies like us.  Being part of a huge trading bloc with common industry-leading environmental and working practices attracts and reassures customers the world over.”

Author: Dylan Jones

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