Brendan McLoone joins Trade Advisory Network to support major Corporates on Working Capital and Supply Chain Management proposition and offering

Trade Advisory Network is pleased to announce that Brendan McLoone has recently joined them as a Senior Associate to strengthen their service to corporate clients in ensuring that their financial structures are as efficient and profitable as possible.

Trade Advisory Network specialises in the strategic development of global supply chain, trade and invoice finance. Clients include financial organisations, technology service providers, government, industry associations and corporates.

Brendan has over 28 years’ experience in supply chain finance, with senior leadership roles at Lloyds and Barclays, as well as independent FinTechs such as Orbian and Obillex. He has led on the establishment of working capital projects encompassing Product, Operations and Implementations for a range of clients who span across multiple industries, including aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, health, retail, and local government.

Increasingly, all companies regardless of size have varying needs and day to day pressures around working capital. The physical and financial supply chain chains are interconnected and becoming more complex. In addition, at a time of uncertainty for international trade, geopolitical tensions between the UK and Europe, as well as the US and China, the need to align and optimise both physical and financial supply chains across multiples sectors and jurisdictions is never more apparent to Corporate Treasurers.

Brendan McLoone says:

“When faced with challenges and uncertainty it’s vital that businesses manage their working capital in line with their physical supply chains as efficiently as possible. Disrupted supply chains present an opportunity for innovation and re-development with new ideas and solutions. A number of solutions are available to corporates but what works best will depend on the sector, existing practices and corporate needs.”

John Bugeja, co-founder of Trade Advisory Network says:

“Having Brendan on board is part of a bigger strategy at Trade Advisory Network as we focus to meet the demand from major corporates on their supply chain finance structures. it’s vital to assess in-depth what is and isn’t working for their finances, as the sector is changing rapidly, meaning they run the risk of being left behind. We start with a review of current processes, working capital metrics and financing arrangements”

Trade Advisory Network are completely Independent and already recognised as a Trusted Advisor to many companies including corporates, established and new FinTechs and Banks who are using disruptive technology.

Author: Yash Hirani

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