BitGold Gets Gold Payroll and Gold Payout Applications

GoldMoney Inc., a financial technology company, which operates a global, full-reserve and gold-based financial services platform, is pleased to announce the launch of Gold Payroll and Gold Payout applications for the BitGold Business platform. The engineering and launch of the Gold Payout application completes another milestone in the build out of the BitGold B2B and B2C ecosystem.

The Gold Payout application is a free enterprise software tool for BitGold Business accounts that allows clients to set up and automate recurring payments to anyone with an email address or mobile phone number. The Payout application is designed to streamline international payroll, dividends, rebates, reward payments, partner & affiliate payouts, micro payments and more. Built on top of a global, closed-loop and full-reserve account structure, the Payout application allows for instant settlement of cross-border value transfers, which can also be automated to settle into any currency given the global nature of gold.

Advantages of BitGold Business Payouts:

  • Send scheduled payments to many recipients at once
  • Send payments to recipients in different countries and different currencies
  • Faster and easier than writing business cheques or setting up multiple wire transfers
  • Recipients get paid instantly in vaulted and titled gold bullion; can hold gold, redeem to local currency, or redeem to multi-currency GoldMoney Prepaid Mastercards
  • Track payments easily
  • Time and cost effective

Ways to utilize batch payments in business:

  • Automate employee benefits or payroll
  • Shareholder dividends
  • Affiliate commissions and online marketing
  • Customer rebates
  • Gifts and incentives
  • Social media marketing campaigns and giveaways
  • Philanthropy and Impact Investing distributions

We continue to deliver on our mission of building out a payments and savings infrastructure utilizing instantly settleable and programmable gold,” said Roy Sebag, GoldMoney CEO. “Our newest application allows anyone in the world to be paid in gold by their employer, facilitates frictionless-bulk micro payments to anyone in the world, and allows gold and other commodity focused companies to pay back their shareholders in gold as a return of capital or dividend. What we’re most excited about, however, is that it democratizes access to gold not only for those that part with capital, but also those that part with their labour and time.


As we continuously ship new products and improve the utility of the platform, all free to use for our clients, we also introduce new use cases that have never before existed for gold,” said Josh Crumb, GoldMoney CSO. “Gold is always and everywhere a store of value, but the technology of our platform can transform gold from an elite investment to the global-money that it has been for most of recorded history.

Author: Dylan Jones

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