Battle of the Banks

The financial services sector is changing, particularly for banks, constantly struggling to adapt their customer experience strategies to meet the changing demands of today’s millennial customer.

And in 2016 we’re now seeing a battle of the banks, with the traditional vs the challenger vs the disruptor – but which banks will withstand the test of time? Does one size fit all or will banks be forced to specialise their customer experience strategies?

These are the critical questions financial services leaders including Ugur Sungur, VP, Internet Channels, ING Bank Turkey; Iain Kirkpatrick, MD Retail, Metro Bank; Stewart Bromley, COO, Atom Bank answered in this just released report: Battle of the Banks: The Traditional vs The Challenger vs The Disruptor.

Iain Kirkpatrick, MD Retail, Metro Bank discusses the change in the industry and the shift in power to the consumer: I think lots of customers have been through a difficult journey over the last five or seven years and banks have a very different perception now than they used to have. Theres a lot more transparency and people realise theres an alternative now.

Kate Erb, Chief Customer Officer, Oakbrook Finance underlines disruptors and their influence on the marketplace as the one to watch: “With the increasing focus on customer experience, it will be interesting to see how strategies of incumbents change. Also with disruptors like Atom Bank, Im personally very excited about their proposition and intrigued about how the market will respond to that. I think its going to be incredibly interesting and one to watch.

So, what have these industry leaders highlighted as the forces driving change and what will the industry look like in 5 years time? How are senior executives ensuring their CX strategies withstand the test of time and the increased competition? And who holds the key to the future of the financial services in a millennial world?

You can find out all of this and much more by downloading the complimentary eBook Battle of the Banks: The Traditional vs The Challenger vs The Disruptor created by the Customer Experience Exchange for Financial Services EU, ahead of this years’ senior level, strategic meeting which will be held in Berlin on the 13 – 14 September, 2016.

Author: Dylan Jones

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