4 Benefits of Fintech

The incredible rise of the Financial Technology industry speaks volumes about how much we needed it even when it wasn’t there. There is a whole myriad of benefits which make this new industry so attractive to investors. At the same time, consumers can also make full use of this innovative technology for their own benefit too.

People can vastly improve their consumer experience via FinTech whether that experience involves insurance, mobile payments, personal loans, investment management or even fund raising.  Here are the top 4 benefits which contribute to having a superior consumer experience.

Fast Rates of Approval

One of the key benefits of FinTech is the fact that it can speed up procedures which normally take quite a long time to get completed. In fact, Financial Technology can make the approval for things such as finance and insurance up to five times quicker in some situations. 

This means that most processes in which a consumer has to apply and has to wait for approval are made significantly shorter and are normally completed in 24 hours. This is simply impossible if FinTech isn’t utilized in the process. 


Consumers would never be on board with a technology which didn’t guarantee them complete security in every step of any application and approval process. The fact that FinTech has been around for some time and has been accepted and lauded by virtually everyone who tried it should be enough for people to be sure that their financial data is absolutely safe and secure when using the services of a reputable FinTech company.

However, if that is not the case, then every consumer can quickly check and see if the FinTech company they are involved with has all the latest security certificates. Top rated FinTech companies always possess the latest security options and often make full use of procedures such as collecting biometric data and multiple types of encryption.

Personalized Service

Consumers are aware that FinTech companies, just as any other type of companies working online, collect quite a lot of data about them. This is nothing unusual as long as that data is only used for the purposes intended to improve the consumer experience. That is almost always the case when dealing with a reputable FinTech company, but a consumer always has the option to check the privacy options the company adheres to if that is needed.

The reason FinTech companies collect these pieces of personal information is to greatly improve the consumer experience. They do this by reacting to consumer needs based on the range of information that the consumer has agreed to share with them. This personalized service also results in much quicker response times from the FinTech company and this is invaluable in a world which is always on the move.

Consumer Convenience

This is one of the top reasons why people decide to do transactions using FinTech. These days mobile connectivity is at the core of everything we do and it would be strange if FinTech companies didn’t tap into that.

Most FinTech businesses streamline their processes and make them so simple to use that you are only one or two clicks away from completing your transaction when using a mobile device.

Author: Yash Hirani

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