SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc Signs Agreement with of the Philippines to Integrate Platform

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc announced today an agreement that will align the platform and services to be certified with CT Payment Inc and broaden the reach into the POS Network & drive the VMoney solution to merchants in North America creating an opportunity for Filipino OFW (Overseas Filipino Workers) for SME to access a pre-certified channel of acquirers and processors globally. This strategy put forward for Point of Sale will increase transaction processing traffic from foreigners working & traveling in North America.

CEO Massimo Barone stated “We are very excited to work with VMoney as we appreciate their existing success of their business model in Asia & the strategy to grow in North America. Our platform wlll allow them to access and work directly on the rails of acquirers or processors on one agnostic environment furthering our pursuit engaging acquirer networks. As our clients and partners grow it is important that our product channel grows impressing on solutions available to Banks, Telecom & Global Enterprise.”

Ralph Santos Founder & CEO of Vmoney Stated “Making Vmoney a global player is something that’s always been part of our roadmap and we’re excited that this journey can be expedited through our partnership with SmartCard. We want to make our technology and solutions accessible to everyone through their payment infrastructure, in all corners of the world. This partnership allows us to immediately tap into Canada’s POS networks, allowing consumers and businesses to experience a holistic and highly capable payment system that is simple, secure, and all-encompassing.”

Author: Jason Williams

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