Money 20/20 Race!

I am pleased to announce that we will be speaking on the first day of Money 20/20 Europe!

Our presentation is more of an experiment…

On the friday before the event, we have a group of ‘Vloggers’ leaving Trafalgar Square to head to Copenhagen… but there’s a catch. Each ‘Vlogger’ is only allowed to use one form of payment method!

We are going to be announcing who our racers will be in the days running up to the conference. Their payment options include Chip and Pin, Mag strip, Bitcoin, Mobile Payments, Pennies (!) only, Gold Bullion, Cheques and potentially more!

The entire “race” will be documented on camera, leading up to Money 2020 Europe, with each person armed with a “Vlog Camera” and a limited budget in their chosen category.

For the presentation, we will have the ”contestants”  come on stage to talk about the limitations and positives they faced using only one type of payment. We will then have a video link up with those contestants who were unable to make it to the Bella Centre.