Fintech Landscape Infographic

VBProfiles’ upcoming Fintech landscape report and it’s huge!

The San Francisco-based market intelligence platform, that tracks innovation, deal flow and news across the technology industry, found over 1,000 Fintech companies (startups and historical incumbents) which raised over $105 billion in total funding and worth nearly $870 billion in current value.

“One of the most striking data point that we found was that investments in Fintech more than doubled between 2014 and 2015, from $17.8 billion to more than $38 billion,” said Baptiste Parravicini, the head of marketing at VBProfiles. “While investments in Fintech will probably remain at the 2015 level this year, it’s now happening on a global scale.”

According to the report, the main global hubs leading the Fintech revolution are California, with 219 companies, the UK (133), New York (95) and France (55).

The Fintech scene in Asia is also growing rapidly, lead by India (49) and China (31) due to their population size (2.7 billion people) and a fast rising middle class. Australia is also a fertile ground for the development of Fintech companies (24) with its friendly regulatory environment.


Author: Jason Williams

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