European Banking Forum: Banking Technology & Strategy




20th – 21st May 2015, BRUSSELS, BELGIUM

The future of banking technology & strategy continues to be determined by the dynamic changes in the economy, new regulations and advances in technology. It remains essential for financial institutions to modernise their systems, capabilities and strategy to deliver the essential financial services fundamental to sustained growth. To improve and maintain customer confidence, banks will need to increase investment across a variety of technological platforms including online, mobile and social media.

EBF tackles these challenges and places you face to face with the key decision makers across the banking sector, ensuring you can deliver key solutions to the functional & strategic problems facing the financial industry today.

  • Expand and strengthen your network
  • Engage in one-on-one meetings with retail banks from EMEA
  • Communicate effectively with a specific audience
  • Enhance competitiveness and profitability

For further information please contact:

Nadine Placzek
Forum Director | EBF | ABF

Tel +44 (0) 207 936 6945





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